How to Contest a Will in Norway

How to Contest a Will in Norway

Updated on Monday 05th June 2017

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In case a person or a company is involved in inheritance issues, and the situation requires the contesting of a will, it is recommendable to employ a law firm in Norway in order to assist the procedure. From legal counselling to court representation, the contesting of a will in Norway requires experience and professionality and needs to be assisted by a local solicitor. Our attorneys in Norway are ready to give you all the details concerning the procedure of contesting a will and on the legal provisions which regard directly your issues of concern. 

Legal framework for contesting a will in Norway

The Hague Convention of October 1961 on the form of wills is one of the laws which regulate the form and the lines which a will must follow in order to be recognized by the local courts. Another important act employed in inheritance matters is The Nordic Convention (NIADE) on inheritance, administration, and division of a deceased´s estate.
Depending on the nationality of the deceased person, the implementation of the will’s requirements might generate a conflict of laws. The renvoi, the procedure through which a state sends back to the country of origin the legal issues unresolved, is not usually accepted by the Norwegian courts.
If you intend to contest a will in Norway you can rely on the legal services provided by our Norwegian lawyers and on their expertise on the local legal system.  

Guidelines for contesting a will in Norway

One of the key things to start with when challenging a will in Norway is to establish clearly the legal grounds for this action, regardless whether you are a member of the deceased's family or not. One of the main reasons for which a will can be contested is the testamentary capacity of the deceased. Whether the deceased was lacking the mental capacity in order to provide a valid will, is not easily provable unless by being in the possession of relevant medical record. 
Another reason for questioning the validity of a will is if you have suspicion of fraud. Apart from those cases in which an obvious fraud is involved, a Norwegian lawyer may help you challenge a will on grounds of undue influence. Undue influence might refer to the moral and psychic pressure which can be put on vulnerable persons in order to influence their testamentary rights. 
Don’t hesitate to contact our Norwegian lawyers in order to help you challenge a will. They can indicate to you the appropriate legal provisions which allow the will re-evaluation by a local court.