Holding Companies in Norway

Holding Companies in Norway

Updated on Monday 20th February 2023

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For an investor in this country, the opening of holding companies in Norway represents a way to increase the security of his business and improve its management. Our law firm in Norway offers legal counseling in order to help you with the formation procedure of a holding company in Norway.  

Why open a holding company in Norway

The Norwegian Law defines the holding company as a structure that has power of influence on other firms, through the shares that it holds in these subsidiaries. Regardless on the type of business that you are going to hold, you can negotiate with them the degree of independence that they can keep for the internal activity. Thus you can own either partially or completely the subsidiaries from which you have bought assets or stocks. 
Full property on the subsidiary gives holding companies in Norway the advantage of owning the rights on the technology of that company but it will also imply an increased responsibility. A holding company in Norway is the entity which elaborates the main direction of the subsidiaries, supervises their production activity and development. 
An important advantage of opening holding companies is the security they provide in case of loss. The subsidiaries bear entirely their eventual bankruptcy and such an event does not have a legal impact on the holding company.
For further information regarding the implications and regulations concerning holding companies our lawyers in Norway remain at your disposal.  

Assets owned by a holding company in Norway

There are several types of assets that holding companies in Norway can own in other firms:
  • shares;
  • stocks;
  • properties, lands or buildings ;
  • copyright, patent and trademarks;
  • bonds.
Regardless of the type of assets you own in another company, they give you a certain amount of voting power and control over the management and policies of that firm.
Since the adoption of the tax exemption method in 2004 the holding company regime has significantly improved. The income obtained by the shareholders from shares is according to this measure exempt from taxation.
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