Hedge Funds in Norway

Hedge Funds in Norway

Updated on Tuesday 29th August 2017

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Hedge funds are in essence investment partnerships between a fund manager and the investors which are also called limited partners. The investors bring important financial contributions to the fund, and the general partner or the fund manager is the one who develops and pursues a strategy for maximizing the profits and keeping risks as low as possible.

There are many options for investment in hedge funds in Norway and one of our Norwegian lawyers can help you watch over the opportunities and risks involved in entering a hedge fund in this country.

Central aspects concerning hedge funds in Norway

If you intend to invest in Norway, one popular option is opening a hedge fund. These investment vehicles are addressed both to institutions and natural persons. The main advantage of investing in hedge funds, compared to mutual funds, is that hedge funds offer a wider range of securities. Therefore, through a hedge fund in Norway you can invest in traditional securities such as real estate stocks, bonds and commodities but you can also access more risky and sophisticated investment techniques and options.
Another characteristic of the hedge funds in Norway is the fact that investments are done both by stocks acquisition as well as by selling stocks and rebuying them when their price has decreased. In hedge funds the leverage technique is also employed, a technique which refers to advantageous investments made with borrowed money.
One of our attorneys in Norway can explain you in more detail how the hedge funds work and how you can increase you profits by setting up this type of fund or by investing in a Norwegian hedge fund.

More details about hedge funds in Norway

If you want to make profits through a hedge fund, it is important to know that the manager of the investment vehicle is payed proportionally to the returns that the fund brings to investors in Norway. This is an important aspect by comparison with the mutual funds, whose managers are payed a fixed amount regardless of the profits you get from your investment.
Although it might be sometimes more risky than the other types of funds, a hedge fund in Norway can bring much more profits than the other alternatives. You can rely on the counselling provided by our attorneys in Norway in order to make an informed decision when investing a in Norwegian hedge fund.
Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Norway, which offers a wide variety of legal services connected to investments in this country.