Fiduciary Services in Norway

Fiduciary Services in Norway

Updated on Thursday 21st September 2017

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Fiduciary services in Norway refer to the responsibility taken by a money manager or accountant, to manage the assets and look after the financial interests of a company or natural person. There are several types of fiduciary services depending on the type relationship in which a trustee and a beneficiary decide to enter. You can address our law firm in Norway in order to inform yourself on the options provided to you by Norwegian legal framework in matters concerning the fiduciary relationship.

Types of fiduciary services in Norway 

Depending on the business area in which you have invested in Norway, you may be interested in one of the following types of fiduciary services, which are provided by our law firm in this country:
- nominee shareholder services;
- nominee director services;
- asset management services;
- custodian services.
By employing a fiduciary service, you can increase the protection for your money or assets. In order to employ a fiduciary service the client entrusts the management of his properties and savings to an individual or company in Norway.
One of our attorneys in Norway can explain to you more regarding the fiduciary relationship between lawyers and clients and can offer you their services.

Nominee shareholder services

You can employ a nominee shareholder in order to represent you in the board of the company. As an owner, you can handle the management of your company to professionals. Through the nominee shareholder service, the owner reduces his/her legal responsibility, at the same time offering space to new business initiatives.

Nominee director services

Similarly to the nominee shareholder services, you can employ a nominee director service in order to have your company's interests represented when appointments with third parties take place. The nominee director does not have managerial duties, because he has a mainly representative role. It is not even necessary to grant to a nominee director access to the bank accounts of the company.
Please feel free to contact and address your questions to our law firm in Norway who can advise you on your fiduciary responsibilities as a member of a corporate board, and who can at the same time provide to you attorney fiduciary services