Establish a Financial Company in Norway

Establish a Financial Company in Norway

Updated on Friday 13th October 2017

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The high life standards in Norway are partly due to its developed, mixed economy. With an active financial market, the focus in Norway remains on stability and trust, that constituting another factor which has led to the diversification and quality of the financial services offered in this country. Many foreign investors decide to establish a financial company in Norway, because they can find in this country welcoming economical and legal structures. Our lawyers in Norway can help you open a financial enterprise in this country.

The Norwegian financial services sector

There are a wide variety of clients whose needs are addressed by the financial and banking services provided in Norway. These enterprises must be prepared to offer both standard and personalized financial products to their clients, no matter whether we talk about a natural person or a company.
The most frequently required financial services in this country are the banking services such as loans or deposits, the insurance services, or money administration services. 
All banks functioning in Norway must comply with the local legislation and obtain a banking license under the Norwegian law. You might need to get informed as well on other laws and legal requirements in order to be prepared to open a financial services company in this country. You can benefit from the specialized legal consulting provided by our law firm in Norway and make sure your enterprise is legally sound on the Norwegian market.

Requirements for opening a financial company in Norway

When you decide to set up a financial company in Norway you will need to follow the registration procedure. The name reservation and the deposit of the initial capital are only the first steps. Afterwards, you have to elaborate the articles of association for your bank or insurance company, a task that can be handled by our Norwegian lawyers who can contribute with professional assistance.  
The owner of an insurance company must apply for a business license with The Financial Supervisory Authority. Banks as well as investment companies are also under the supervision of this institution. Its role is to provide stability and transparency and to support the well-functioning of the financial sector in Norway.
Feel free to contact our Norwegian lawyers in order to find out more on the registration procedure for companies and on the legal system in Norway.