Confidentiality Clause in Norway

Confidentiality Clause in Norway

Updated on Monday 05th June 2017

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A foreign investor in Norway needs to familiarize himself/herself with the legal provisions concerning confidentiality. If you open a company in Norway you will need to make sure that you can protect your valuable information. You need to be aware of your rights regarding confidentiality and to make them explicit when signing contracts or partnerships with other business operators. You can rely on the professional services provided by our law firm in Norway for any issues regarding the confidentiality of your business or personal information.

General regulations regarding confidentiality in Norway

According to intellectual property law and other acts of the Norwegian legislation you are entitled to protection for your personal and business information. The access to several types of data may be restricted in order to ensure your control on your data. Moreover the legislation gives you the possibility to sign confidentiality agreements or to include confidentiality clauses in your contracts, assisted by the Norwegian lawyers
A nondisclosure agreement assures you that in case the contract is broken by the other party you have the right to bring the issues in court and ask for compensations. Any nondisclosure agreement includes a definition of the confidential information and the mutual obligations of the parties in keeping from public access several types of data. 
Our attorneys in Norway may help you elaborate the confidentiality clause in your contracts and to help you claim your rights in case such a provision has been neglected by the other party. 

Types of information which may enter confidentiality clauses

Apart from patents and other intellectual property, you are allowed to include in the confidentiality clause any information which might be vital for the advancement and development of your company, such as special production methods or trade secrets. You are not allowed to include in the nondisclosure agreements information which is already public, or those data which are already in the possession of both parties. 
Another limitation to the confidentiality clause in Norway refers to the obstruction of the law. You are not allowed to include in confidentiality agreements information which might need to be disclosed to judiciary inquiry. Please feel free to contact our Norwegian lawyers for any help you might need in settling a confidentiality related dispute or elaborating a nondisclosure agreement in Norway.