Commercial Litigation in Norway

Commercial Litigation in Norway

Updated on Tuesday 30th May 2017

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If your company is facing a commercial dispute in Norway, you can call on a representation service in this country. The initiation of a litigation process implies a series of steps through which you might need guidance from a solicitor. Regardless whether you are going through an insurance dispute or a claim regarding property, you can rely on our law firm in Norway who can defend your interests in court. 

Common litigation issues in Norway

The commercial claims against a Norwegian company can involve complex legal aspects which need the attention of a lawyer in order to elaborate an effective litigation strategy. When a foreign investor in Norway needs to address a local court regarding a commercial problem, it is useful to know that our Norwegian lawyers can provide specialised help. 
The most common legal issues which are brought in Norwegian courts regard contract disputes. Our Norwegian lawyers can help you prevent litigation in Norway by helping you to elaborate detailed contracts which take into account rigorously the Norwegian laws and provisions concerning commercial law. Other claims might refer to importation and exportation, provisions of services, and insurance matters. 
Our attorneys in Norway can explain you in detail those aspects of the Norwegian legislation which refer explicitly to your problem, and can help you to sustain your claims and base them on the Norwegian legislation.

Court representation in Norway

Although any process in court implies a costly and time consuming procedure, it might nevertheless be the best option to settle a complex problem for your company. The Norwegian courts put a strong accent on precedents, and legal decisions are taken in a very transparent and predictable way. This is why a party in a legal dispute needs to be able to provide convincing evidence in order to inform the conclusion of the judge. Our lawyers in Norway can help you determine what facts have a bigger importance in the legal dispute in order to obtain an advantageous resolution of the conflict. 
Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Norway for support during a court process. Additionally, our team can offer counselling when a company is confronting with a complex commercial dispute in this country.