Buy a Shelf Company in Norway

Buy a Shelf Company in Norway

Updated on Monday 20th February 2023

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For many investors in Norway to buy a shelf company in this country is an appealing solution compared to other options such as the formation of a new company. There are many advantages when buying a ready-made company and our law firm in Norway can offer you the needed legal support for a shelf company acquisition procedure

Why buy a shelf company in Norway?

Compared to the alternative of creating a new business structure from scratch, the shelf company provides to the investor an already functional enterprise which can be taken over and improved.
Through a ready-made company acquisition, the investor is going to avoid the time consuming formation procedure, and the complications of choosing a functional name in a foreign country. If the shelf company already has a good name, the new owner can profit from it and from the fact that it might already be familiar to an important segment of the future customers of the business. 
Our Norwegian lawyers are ready to offer you legal assistance in the acquisition of a shelf company in this country and to explain in more detail the pros and cons of such a business move.
We are also at your service with immigration support, if you want to move to Norway. If you satisfy the living conditions, you may apply for permanent residency in Norway after several years of living here. Similar circumstances typically apply to nationals of EU and non-EU countries, so contact us for tailored support.

How to choose a shelf company in Norway

You can either buy entirely or buy shares in a Norwegian shelf company. Both actions have to be performed after you have filed a notification to the Norwegian Company Registry. It is recomendable to operate as well a careful verification of the shelf company so that you can be sure that it has a clean record and a good history. Our attorneys in Norway can offer you due dilligence services for this purpose.
The age of the company is an important aspect in choosing a good shelf company. The longer history it has the more valuable the ready-made company is. This history is important because it might mean the company has already been visible enough to the public, and that the structure and management were functional and successful. Corporate longevity provides you as well with credibility when you intend to obtain corporate credit or to attract investors and customers.
Feel free to contact our law firm in Norway for assistance with the elaboration of purchase-sale contract for a shelf company and for due-diligence services or other legal services related to the acquisition of a ready-made company in Norway.
If you want to relocate to Norway and you are from a nation outside the European Union, you must submit an application for a residence permit. Generally speaking, you must apply for this and have it approved before you move to Norway. Please contact our legal office for additional information about the requirements for immigration to Norway.