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Why invest in Oslo?

Why-invest-in-OsloThe largest city in Norway, Oslo is the cultural, governmental and economic center of the country. Foreign investors can find a lot of business opportunities in Oslo in some of its main economic sectors. Three world leading industries – gas and oil, maritime and seafood – are established in Norway. If you want to invest in Oslo you can receive important tax incentives, grants and subsidies from the Norwegian authorities. Opening a company in Oslo is a very easy process and takes around seven days to complete. Professional advice about business options available in Oslo can be given to you by our lawyers in Norway.

The main industries in Oslo to invest in

Oslo is the fastest growing capital in Europe with a dynamic and knowledge-based economy. The main industries in Oslo to invest in are: the maritime industry, the energy and environmental technology and the information and communication technology (ICT). If you decide to start a business in Oslo in the maritime sector you can enjoy the benefit of a well established and innovative cluster of shipping companies. Another profitable business decision is to set up a company in the national energy sector. This is the biggest contributor to Norway`s economic growth. The Oslo region is the largest market for the life sciences and biomedical research. The Norwegian government is strongly encouraging this emerging business sector. Oslo has a large number of agencies promoting foreign investment in Norway, a vibrant infrastructure and highly educated workforce. Legal assistance for opening a company in Oslo can be provided to you by our law firm in Norway.

How to set up a company in Oslo?

If you decided to invest in Oslo, the Norwegian law provides various types of companies to fulfill your business needs. The procedure of setting up a company in Oslo is rather easy to fulfill. Here are the main steps you have to take in order to do business in Oslo:
• Choose the business type that best suits your economic interests – sole proprietorships, general partnerships and limited companies are available options;
• Deposit the start-up capital in a bank – a minimum share capital is needed depending on the business type you decide to open;
• Register your company in Oslo with the Register of Business Enterprises for tax purposes;
• Hire employees and register them for social insurance.

If you need professional expertise in establishing a company in Oslo, feel free to contact our team of Norwegian attorneys.


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