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Why invest in Norway's fishing industry?

The seafood exports from Norway reach more than 103 countries and in 2013, the amount of money obtained from fish export raised to 61 billion NOK. The coastal region abounds in fisheries that provide a stable occupation to many people. A foreigner who intends to start a business in Norway will find in the fishing industry one of the safest investment spots in this country. Ten years ago there were 26.000 people employed in the fishing sector, nowadays their number has increased significantly so there is plenty of available workforce which can sustain a foreign investment in the sea food domain.

law firm in Norway provides a series of legal services to all our clients who need company formation assistance or tax advice in this country.


Advantages for foreign investors investing in fishing industry in Norway

One of the main advantages in opening a firm in the fishing industry is that you enter a domain with a long tradition in this country and which relies on a renewable resource. The Norwegian resource control had a strong preoccupation with supervising the entire chain of fishing, from the marine life catching up to its storage and exportation, in order to ensure a transparent seafood market and a sound policy of exploitation.
The Norwegian state has invested a lot in research for a long term fishing strategy, and for establishing a sustainable and profitable harvesting of sea-food and foreign investors are invited to benefit from this already established know how. 
If you want to set up a business in the fishing industry, our Norwegian lawyers can assist you with gathering the specific documentation for company registration as well as help you obtain the required licences for operating in this industry.

More aspects of fishing industry in Norway

Another advantage for foreign investors provided by the fishing industry in Norway is that there are various domains in which you can operate. You might be interested to open a company in aquaculture, or you may choose to deal with the processing industry and exports.
Regardless of the area in which you intend to operate, our attorneys in Norway can familiarize you with the quality control legislation as well as with the fishing policies which represent a base for your business activity. 
Don’t hesitate to contact us for employing our reliable and personalized legal services for your business in Norway.


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