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Norway's Tax Transparency

Norways-Tax-Transparency.jpgAs all Scandinavian countries, Norway is known as an honest and correct state, where businesses are fair and transparent. The same goes for the taxation system where the authorities have always put an accent on transparency, for both natural persons or businessmen. Before we enter into details, we remind that our Norwegian lawyers can offer suitable assistance in taxation matters for your company, branch or registered subsidiary in Norway.

Tax info is available for everyone

The tax authorities in Norway have implemented special online platforms where all the information on taxpayers is available for the ones interested in this matter. In other words, the profits, the payments, and the earnings are declared and can be verified with just a simple click, no matter if it's related to simple persons or companies. Such transparency on taxes and all kinds of payments in Norway is considered a proper and a normal method where no implausible circumstances are accepted. Each citizen makes proof of his personal status and the social contributions and there is no place for hidden taxes or undeclared payments. According to the tax authorities in Norway, the transparency in this matter is related to the honesty and the openness of the people living here, locals and foreigners, who consider such practice as a fair and a normal one.
If you want to start your activities in Norway, you may solicit legal assistance and guidance from our attorneys in Norway who can provide you with comprehensive information in numerous taxation matters.

The tax transparency plays an important part in Norway


It is good to know that the tax transparency in Norway is not a method adopted in the past decade, on the contrary, this kind of practice has its roots back in the 19th century when all people could verify the tax lists at the city hall. Getting back in our days, the advanced technology lets any Norwegian or foreigner who lives here to access the tax administration. Besides that, this kind of practice helps authorities to prevent the fiscal evasion and detect possible frauds in Norway.
As a short conclusion, although people in Norway do not intend to avoid paying the taxes, the transparency practice related to the taxes in the country is outlined as much as possible by the authorities, in order to offer awareness and fairness.
Additional information about the taxation system in Norway and about the necessary legal services for your company can be obtained if you get in touch with our law firm in Norway.


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