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Norway invests in start-ups

Norway invests in start ups

Norway realized how important the start-ups are for the progress of the economy. Therefore the state has initialized so far several programs to support and encourage the launching of new enterprises on the Norwegian market. Since five years ago things have changed dramatically in Norway, from a slightly developed start-up scene to a vibrant ecosystem.

If you are interested to take advantage of the Norwegian trend of investment in start-ups you can discuss with one of our Norwegian lawyers, who can give you more details on the start up programs available in this country and can help you establish your business in Norway.

Main programs supporting start-ups in Norway

One of the key programs which works at the support and encouragement of entrepreneurs to enter the start-up scene in Norway is called Innovation Norway. This is a governmental found of 25.3 billion NOK ($3 billion) allocated to Norwegian businesses. The program encourages new industries to set up enterprises in the country in order to obtain a varied functional economy.
Another important source of financing for local or foreign investors is the royal help. The prince of Norway is actively supporting the formation of a start-up culture in the country. He participates in local events dedicated to economic development through innovative business ideas. 
Our attorneys in Norway can familiarize you with the legal system in Norway and can give you all information concerning the establishment of a new business entity.

Good potential for the start-up scene development in Norway

Many analysts as well as representatives in Norway have noticed the unexploited potential of the country. Some sectors such as the industrial ones are too focused on one or two production areas but they could extend to other unexplored domains in the future.
The skill and the advancement in technology is another important point allowing investors to move fast when establishing start-ups in Norway. The support of the main institutions and the favorable Norwegian climate in general are another factor of encouragement for the development of new entities in Norway. Some changes in the taxation system of Norway are also expected to take place in order to allow more business initiatives to concretize. 
Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Norway for more information concerning the tax policy in this country as well as other elements on which the establishment and good functioning of a start-up depend in great measure. 


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