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Green Car Sales are Booming in Norway

Green Car Sales are Booming in Norway.jpg

The green car sales in Norway have taken an ascending direction since the adoption of environmental policies by the Norwegian government. The vehicles which run on batteries and the plug-in hybrids represent 29 % of the new car sales from last year. More than 100 000 battery powered cars have been sold previous year.

Opportunities for investments

Many auto companies build already new investment plans in order to respond to the decisions of the Norwegian government. The Norwegian policy concerning the environment creates a benefic environment for investments in this sector. Norway has recently adopted new measures concerning pollution reduction such as restricting the circulation of diesel cars. One can observe as well a general trend of active involvement in the development of alternative fuels
As a result, the car sales in the hybrid and alternative biofuel sector have increased significantly. If you intend to invest in this commercial sector, our attorneys in Norway can help you become familiarized with the Norwegian new legal direction in terms of pollution regulations and car industry norms.  

Good prospects of further development of the new technologies

Statistics conducted by the Norwegian authorities predict that by 2020 more than 400,000 electric cars will run in the country and that the emissions will reduce by then the 0.
There are good prospects for those who plan to invest in Norway in the sector of new technologies. The production costs are also likely to decrease, ensuring as well a sustainable production. The important investments in research have come to encouraging results. The innovative new fuels that have been developed for cars and aircrafts, aim not only at reducing pollution but also at offering a less expensive alternative of green energy to the traditional petroleum carburant. As a consequence the car industry will attract more customers and will remain a safe and attractive investment spot. 
Many companies functioning in the fuel and car industry organize and participate to common meetings and seminars in order to develop short and long term common strategies so that they could speed up the replacement of polluting technology with the innovative one. 
Our law firm in Norway can provide you more information regarding the new technologies and fuel regulations in Norway. You can confidently contact us for any questions regarding the legal background for investing in the car industry in this country.