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Good projections for Norway's economy

Good economic projections Norway

The monetary and fiscal policies adopted recently by Norway contribute to the positive changes that its economy registers. The social programs that have been conducted with governmental support have prevented negative effects to take place as a result of globalization. Investors in Norway will benefit of a healthy economic framework if they decide to open a company in this country.

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Several economic rates prospected for future years for Norway

The unemployment rate which ranks at this time of the year at 4.3% is expected to decrease by 2020 at 4%. Moreover the labor force participation rate is expected to rise with 2% in 3 years. The employment law in Norway grants many vital rights for the working individuals in this country. This is why anticipations show that the employment rate will remain very high all the way to 2020 and afterwards. 
In matters of productivity Norway is expected to rise from 124.44 to 129 index points thanks to new investments and secure economic policies. The industrial production was calculated to rise with 2.5% by 2020 and the manufacturing production with 2.7%.
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Norwegian efforts for continuous development

The economic growth of Norway can only take place by a coherent policy and highly organized governmental initiative. The preoccupation of the Norwegian officials was directed towards a rise in the exports markets.
Another element which helps the economy in Norway to prosper is the attention given to local businesses and their support. The careful social policies contributed as well to a diminishment of the public spending for integration in the last years, thus allowing the Norwegian economy to naturally develop in a good direction.
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