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Norway invests in start-ups

Norway realized how important the start-ups are for the progress of the economy. Therefore the state has initialized so far several programs to support and encourage the launching of new enterprises on the Norwegian market. Since five years ago things has changed dramatically in Norway, from a slightly developed start-up scene to a vibrant ecosystem. If you are interested to profit of the Norwegian trend of investment in start-ups you can discuss with one of our Norwegian lawyers, who can give you more details on the legal framework in this country.

Good projections for Norway's economy


The monetary and fiscal policies adopted recently by Norway contribute to the positive changes that its economy registers. The social programs that have been conducted with governmental support have prevented negative effects to take place as a result of globalization. Investors in Norway will benefit of a healthy economic framework if they decide to open a company in this country. Our Norwegian lawyers can offer specialized counseling to foreign nationals who decide to invest in Norway and who need to become familiarized with the local provisions of the legal system.  

Why invest in Norway's fishing industry?

The seafood exports from Norway reach more than 103 countries and in 2013, the amount of money obtained from fish export raised to 61 billion NOK. The coastal region abounds in fisheries that provide a stable occupation to many people. A foreigner who intends to start a business in Norway will find in the fishing industry one of the safest investment spots in this country. Ten years ago there were 26.000 people employed in the fishing sector, nowadays their number has increased significantly so there is plenty of available workforce which can sustain a foreign investment in the sea food domain. Our law firm in Norway provides a series of legal services to all our clients who need company formation counselling or tax advice in this country.

Why invest in Oslo?


The largest city in Norway, Oslo is the cultural, governmental and economic center of the country. Foreign investors can find a lot of business opportunities in Oslo in some of its main economic sectors. Three world leading industries – gas and oil, maritime and seafood – are established in Norway. If you want to invest in Oslo you can receive important tax incentives, grants and subsidies from the Norwegian authorities. Opening a company in Oslo is a very easy process and takes around seven days to complete.

Norwegian Budget for 2017 Cuts off Taxes and Brings Good News for Investors


With a government financial balance equivalent to 3.0 per cent of GDP, Norway had a very good year in 2016. Now, the Norwegian budget of 2017 focuses on key aspects of a nation's wellbeing: employment and security but it also allocates funds to restructuring and growth. Another 2017 decision which is important for company owners in Norway is the tax reform. Businesses and natural persons are all going to benefit from tax cuts this year. The government had the possibility to adopt a tax shift thanks to a minutely examined fiscal policy.

Green Car Sales are Booming in Norway

The green car sales in Norway have taken an ascending direction since the adoption of environmental policies by the Norwegian government. The vehicles which run on batteries and the plug-in hybrids represent 29 % of the new car sales from last year. More than 100 000 battery powered cars have been sold previous year.

Norway's Tax Transparency


As all Scandinavian countries, Norway is known as an honest and open state, where businesses are correct, fair and transparent. The same goes for the taxation system where the authorities have always put an accent on transparency, for both natural persons or businessmen. Before we enter into details we remind that our Norwegian lawyers can offer suitable assistance in taxation matter for your company, branch or subsidiary registered in Norway.