Applying for Tax Returns in Norway

Applying for Tax Returns in Norway

Updated on Monday 08th May 2017

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The tax return is a document which provides information on a company financial situation over a period of time. If you open a business in Norway your income, assets, debts and deductions are recorded in order to be able to provide to the local authorities a clear and complete overview of the financial situation of your legal entity. Foreign investors may seek taxation advice from a Norwegian law firm, in order to elaborate and file tax returns according to the Norwegian legal provisions. 

Conditions for tax return application in Norway

The deadline for submitting the tax return to the Norwegian authorities is the end of April each year. The Norwegian state allows for an extension of the deadline as a result of a special application. Our attorneys in Norway may guide you through the tax return filling procedure, by explaining to you what information is required by the authorities.
The first step of the tax return procedure for Norwegian companies begins with the receiving of a pre-completed form from the Norwegian Tax Administration Office. After you verify the correctness and completeness of the information you must add the missing data and submit it online or on paper.
You may rely on the experience of our Norwegian lawyers in helping you with the procedure of tax return submission, so that you can keep a clean and clear record of the financial activity of your business activity.

More useful information about tax return in Norway

In Norway the tax return has now changed its denomination in tax message and you can sumbit it online. On this online platform you can view, modify and deliver your tax message at any time prior to the April deadline. You can order as well tax deductions for some of your expenses if they qualify according to the Norwegian commercial legislation
The tax return applies to companies as well as individuals. If you receive income, assets or if your enterprise is liable to Norwegian Tax system you must complete and submit a tax message to the local authorities. 
Please rely on the legal services and counselling of our Norwegian law firm and contact us for any other questions regarding the filing of the tax return in Norway.