Norway Law Firm

Updated on Friday 20th December 2013

By working with our Law Firms in Norway you will benefit from well-founded legal consulting services, along with services of the highest quality representation before the Court and in relation to public authorities as our team in Norway is composed of dedicated and efficient lawyers. Our Law Firms in Norway provides solutions for your business on bases of continuous legal training, offering the best customer relationships based on honesty, integrity, fairness and confidentiality.



Norway it’s known as a country based on maritime industry, owning a large maritime fleet which contains traditional shipping and offshore vessels and opening a business in this area is tempting for local and even foreign entrepreneurs.

Our Law Firms in Norway will offer you complete services for opening a company in Norway. In this field we are able to offer you the following services: reservation of company name, choosing the commercial activities to be undertaken by the new company, preparation and drafting of the Articles of Incorporation, preparing, drafting and obtaining documentation for headquarters, preparing, drafting and obtaining documentation for working point, submission of the share capital, completing all necessary applications, including fiscal status and in relation with the Register of Business Enterprises for receiving the certificate of registration and for the VAT. 

Choose to work with our lawyers in Norway and you will get the best results in optimum time for the procedure of opening your company in this country.



Are you involved in a litigation process and you need legal assistance?  You don’t know to which judicial body to address for your problem? Our specialized lawyers in Norway are willing to support you in each phase of any litigation case by providing pertinent solutions in accordance to the legal framework.



When you have to deal with debt collection procedure ask our Law Firms in Norway for support. Our lawyers have a solid background in legal framework and many cases solved in this filed and they can help you since the beginning, firstly in the amiable settlement and when needed before the Court, in post-trial actions such as seizure and attachment and in other actions derived. Count on our specialized team of lawyers in Norway for obtaining the best result in debt collection procedures.



When you choose to close your business in Norway you should ask the advice of a specialized lawyer in order to comply with the regulations provided by the law. In this sense, our Law Firms in Norway are able to help you in this procedure by following the regulations of the Limited Companies Act, Partnerships Act, Cooperatives Act and the Foundations Act.

Even when the closing targets a voluntary or a compulsory liquidation, our lawyers in Norway are experts in this field and are able to provide you the harmless solution for your company, as this procedure may create unpleasant situations and decisions.



Our Law Firms in Norway are composed of experienced lawyer, specialized consultants, accountants, mediators, all in your service for finding and implementing the best ideas and solutions for your business’ success.

Whether your needs are of a tax and financial nature we are your consultants and your business’ supporters. We are able to help you with the tax compliance in a wide range of area, from VAT to taxes, payroll services.

For the foreign entrepreneurs our Law Firms in Norway provide specialized consultancy for the avoidance of the double tax, as provided by the Double Tax Treaties signed by this country. In this sense, any foreign entrepreneur can address to our lawyers in Norway to find out more and to amply for the benefits of these International Agreements.